Manage your emails with BlueMail, an outstanding email app


There was a time when we had to make some extra arrangements and spare more time to keep ourselves updated of our multiple email accounts but now BlueMail, a free email client, is here to combine all of our email accounts at one app. BlueMail is only email app for ones who have multiple email apps to manage their respective email accounts, it seems a tall order to gather all email accounts at single mode but BlueMail has made it no-brainer.

Download count of this app has made it obvious that BlueMail is going to be Kingpin of communication solutions industry. Get this app now because it has all email solution that anyone needs. Are you perplexed with using Native Exchange email account at build-in app of your smartphone? BlueMail has streamlined the flow of multiple email accounts, so get your Native Exchange account configured at this app alongside other email accounts. Moreover, configuration of IMAP, SMTP and POP3 accounts at BlueMail takes less than 2 minutes. It’s a biggie solution 🙂

If you are not at work and you do not like to miss some important emails then BlueMail has also a worthwhile solution for it, app for Android Wear keeps you updated and lets you arrange instant reply and setting to-do lists of emails; thus Android app of BlueMail perfect mix of possibilities.

BlueMail is customized email app that has richness of possibilities in itself because all recognized email accounts can be configured in it within no time; Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, AOL Mail, Gmail, Office 365, iCloud, Rambler and email services because queue has no end.

User has vast options to make this email client more sophisticated for him/her; email accounts can be added, deleted and arranged in order anytime. “Global Settings” let the user to make appearance of app as per schedule of his routine. Setup of “Quick Reply” is also noteworthy feature of this email app. Set sound notification of all of your email activities. Making scheduled and reminder emails is more than momentous flair of BlueMail that has been endorsed by renowned corporate persons. In short; key benefits and features can be acknowledged absolute only after you experience. Get this app now and thrive your life with fully managed communication.

BlueMail is 100% free email app and it’s an ad-free hub, you can also get print of your email from this Android app without connecting your device to printer with data cable. Currently BlueMail app is available for Android devices, users of iPhone devices will get it soon at Apple store too.

  • John Boyd

    Tried it and like it so far – thanks for sharing.